Grooming service tend to be rushed because of the tight schedules and back-to-back reservations leaving no time for groomers and the scared doggies to get to know each other. Many times the owners are worried if the grooming is going well. Cookie & Friends will remove you from all your worries! We allow the groomers and doggies to get to know each other by allotting longer reservation slots for the grooming services. We do not rush the dogs and make sure they are comfortable first. You will always be able to see your loved ones when they are being pampered. We even provide pick-up service for your busy schedule. If you are ever not satisfied, we provide retouch service at no cost. At Cookie & Friends, groomers with over 10 years of experience will take care of your loved ones like their own family!


What would make them happy…? Most pet owners want their pet all to themselves. They want them to be loyal only listening to their commands… Wondering what the pets are doing when I am not at home, I decided to install a webcam to observe. It was sad to watch. They are wandering around the house or sleeping most of the time. Even the smallest sound has them running out to the front door to check if I was back at home. I often see them howling & crying out hoping that I would hear. I believe I spend a lot of time with my pets. I eat together and play with them often. However, even though I try to spend as much time as I can with my pets, I realized it is not enough. I cannot spend the whole day with my pets with other obligations. Personally, I grew up with multiple brothers and sisters. Of course, the love and care from my parents made me happy, but the memories of the times I spent with my siblings, playing around, arguing, and eating was one of the happiest moments. The times you spend together… I believe the happiest moments for the dogs are times they spend with their peers having the freedom to run, bark, and roll around living truly like a dog. There are many doggie daycare in the area, but many times smaller dogs are pressured or pushed around by other big dogs. There is no place that allows the smaller dogs to enjoy themselves. Place like home where you can invite your friends. Cookie is a small Maltese. He wants to invite you all to his home. Come play with him! So there it is, Cookie & Friends! In the morning, your doggies get to follow you out in the morning and head home together. They get to play with their friends under the professional care of experts. Watch them, as they get excited in the morning to head out with you! Cookie & friends invite doggies less than 25lbs. Always wondering what the doggies want and like… we promise to be the daycare that will always provide the best for your canine family and friends.  


We deny the ordinary! We only want the best for our loved ones. At Cookie & Friends, we have supplies that you will not be able to find elsewhere! Come visit us if you want the best for your canine friends and family.

* Prices can vary based on the matting and time consumed vaccination requirement for Grooming/Daycare services Rabies | Distemper | Bordetella | Fecal Test(Only for daycare)

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